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Finland: SDP/CMI’s pro-Iranian Iraqi Shiite mole in Finnish politics…….


Socialist Democrat MP, Hussein al-Taee, is perhaps not who he pretends to be…


Neither is Crisis Management Initiative (CMI), a conflict resolving foundation created by former Finnish President, Martti Ahtisaari. It’s my position that CMI is acting as a conduit of influence in Finnish politics for Iran.


Hussein al-Taee: Rushing to riches and to the top in politics?

18.4.2019 Anter Yaşa

What is the background to SDP and CMI’s Hussein al-Taee?

According to my information, Hussein al-Taee is currently under a different name in Finland than in the past. According to my information, for example, his father’s real name is Assad Sultan Hachim Abu Gulal.



Assad Sultan Hachim Abu Gulal was Iraq’s ambassador to Poland. Read this list of Iraqi ambassadors. Assad Sultan Hachim Abu Gulal has previously worked in Iraq in the Najaf area as governor. Because of the party’s internal problems, he abandoned his position. There are also rumors of corruption in the air.


Why do I raise the question of his father’s career with Hussein “al-Taee”? Assad Sultaan Hachim Abu Gulal is a very influential ally of the Iranian shia government in Iraq. He also has good relations with Europe and with European politicians. The image of the ‘refugee boy and the peace negotiator ‘ in the media, was presented to the ordinary Finnish electorate, does not tally with the reality that Hussein al-Taee is from a very politically influential family and, consequently, involved in politics. Of course, Hussein al-Taee also has very close relations with the Iraqi government through his family. This Iraqi regime is largely known as the puppet of Iranian influence. It would also explain the very positive attitude of Hussein al-Taee with the Islamic government of Iran.



In an election video, Hussein al-Taee does not mention that he is from a very politically influential family. The fact that his father belongs to the head of Iran’s pro-Islamist party in Iraq, and that he has been the Iraqi ambassador to Poland, would not be a good narrative in fishing for votes. Instead, he created a narrative for himself as having been “saved as a child refugee in a desert camp” and as an “Ambassador of Peace”.


Like my previous article, I would like to stress that Iran and Russia are very close allies geopolitically. If the allegations of al-Taee’s links with (Russian bogus media) are also true, then we can conclude that this is a matter that is very important to Finland’s national security. Even if there are no bogus media links, the affiliations with Iraq’s pro-Iran elements are, in my view, obvious in the context of these reports.


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