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#FakeMedia @Ylenews in hit job of Finns Party leader Jussi @Halla_aho …….


Fraudulent news reporting…


Almost without fail, the Finnish state news media/broadcasting company YLE makes it a point to mention Jussi Halla-aho being (wrongly) convicted of hate speech in their English news articles. This article is no exception. Not only do they mention him, but they purposefully fail to provide the exact context in which the highly politicized conviction took place.


Halla-aho did not simply write in his blog post that Mohamed is a pedophile and that Somalis are predisposed to stealing and living off of welfare. In his post titled, ‘a few baits to Mika Illman‘, Halla-aho strove to show the two-tier system of justice that exists in Finland. That there are things which can be said of the majority, that can’t be said of the minority. Halla-aho’s point being that it’s wrong, it’s immoral, it’s a subversion of the Finnish justice system.


In the blog post in question, Halla-aho simply exchanged the words “Finns” and “drunken murderers” found in a critical article published by the Kaleva newspaper, with “Somalis” and “thieves” and “welfare freeloaders”. Would that be “hate-speech?” he asks. Is it so that in Finland you can refer to one sector of society in a disparaging way, and not the other? Concerning the portion on Mohamed being a pedophile, Halla-aho made the case of why one could come to that conclusion. It’s not as YLE is depicting it, and they know that.


Finland’s racialised minorities worry after nationalist gains


Many observers across the country say that Finland’s general election mainstreamed discrimination.


People working with equality and discrimination issues in Finland say the parliamentary election result has exposed deep-seated racism.


The Finns Party surged in the election to second place with 17.5 percent of Sunday’s vote, showing the strength of Finland’s anti-immigrant far-right.


Members of Fem-R, a feminist peer support network for racialised people in Finland, is convening in Helsinki on Thursday to mull the results of the parliamentary elections, which saw the Finns Party, led by convicted hate speech offender Jussi Halla-aho, become Finland’s second biggest party.


Halla-aho has previously likened Islam to pedophilia and has said Somalis are predisposed to stealing and living off welfare. In 2006, he wrote that he hoped women members of the Green Party would become the victims of rape.


In the run-up to the election, cinema chain Finnkino played a Finns Party campaign film rife with racist tropes ahead of movies.



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