Finland Muslim Criminality MUSLIM SETTLERS

Helsinki: Iraqi who stabbed his ex-wife and her friend may already be in Iraq…….


This was an attempted honor murder…


Man who stabbed his ex-wife stabbed planned escape abroad carefully, used several helpers – fleeing Helsinki he may now be already in Iraq

According to the police, it seems at the moment that, in addition to the act itself, the getaway was designed with great detail.

The police have received a few clues that Hayder Abdulerar Al-Hmedavi, the man who was stalking his ex-spouse and her friend in the Haaga portion of Helsinki, is currently in Iraq.


According to Crime Commissioner Pekka Hätönen, it is possible that the tips are true. However, these tips are not verifiable by the police, so no confirmation for them has been received.


Hätönen says the police have also received clues from across Europe.




He has had a clear plan for communicating with his friends and supporters. He has thought carefully about the kind of communication that can be practiced beforehand so that it is as difficult as possible for the authorities to follow him. He has been very familiar with how human communication can be tracked and how follow-up can be avoided.



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