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Finns Party Chairman Jussi Halla-aho on Gallup Rise: Climate Discussion and Immigration…….




Halla-aho PS Gallup Rise: Climate Discussion and Immigration

POLICY At the top, the Finns became the second largest party.


According to Finns Party chairman, Jussi Halla-aho , climate debate and immigration issues have raised the party’s support. 

Halla-aho believes that the Finns Party has received support from people who did not vote in the previous parliamentary elections. In addition, Halla-aho estimates that supporters have come to the Finns, especially from the Center and the National Coalition Party. 

In a support survey published today, the Finns had already emerged as the second most popular party, passing the Coalition Party. The support of the Finns party was 16.3 percent, which is 1.2 percentage points more than in the previous measurement by YLE. 



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