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Finland: Muslim who stabbed ex-wife and her friend during meet with children in attempted honor killing belonged to Shiite terrorist group Mahdi Army…….


That’s the type of people we have crawling around our country thanks to the present government…


And he’s still on the lam.


The man who stabbed his ex-wife in Haaga area of Helsinki was a member of a notorious armed group in Iraq

Yesterday at 16:30

The police say it has very accurate information about the background of the suspect.


According to Iltalehti’s sources, the man, Hayder Al Abduljabbar – Hmedavi, who stabbed his ex-wife and her friend in the Haaga district of Helsinki, was a member of the paramilitary group called the Mahdi Army in Iraq.


It is a Shiite armed group that fought against the US-led Iraqi occupation of Iraq and the Iraqi security forces. Mahdi Army activities have been criticized for further escalation between Shiites and Sunnis. The group’s forces have been said to have committed the destruction of Sunni mosques, torture, murder, and kidnapping.


However, belonging to a group does not automatically mean that a person has participated in criminal activity.


(TUNDRA TABLOIDS: So using the Iltalehti’s logic, belonging to a group that commits bank robberies doesn’t automatically mean that the member commits acts of bank robbery)


The suspect and his then-wife had arrived in Finland from Iraq as asylum seekers in 2015.


Pekka Hätönen, Chief Investigator of the Haaga stabbing case, says that the police have very precise information about the background of the suspect.


(TUNDRA TABLOIDS: Yes, now they do after the man has been here long enough to beat the crap out of his wife, then later stab both her and her kids. Or are they telling us that they knew of his past prior to his crimes and did nothing, or couldn’t do anything at all? If so, it underlines the call for the detention of all asylum/refugee applicants until their backgrounds and situation can be established, no matter how long it takes)


– We have received a good explanation from the other authorities about the background of the suspect.


However, according to the police, belonging to an organization or grouping has not had a significant effect on the act for which the man is now suspected.


[TUNDRA TABLOIDS: The police are fools. Being an Islamonazi and a sharia-supremacist greatly dictated his actions and motives.)


– The act is considered a typical honor killing attempt at the moment. It has been a family-related activity rather than by an organization. Of course, being suspected of being an honor killer tells something about the person’s attitudes and background. Such actions do not occur in a vacuum. Yes, it has been influences on this man, Hätönen formulates.


Escaping the police


The man is still eluded the police. He was imprisoned in absentia on Wednesday in the District Court of Helsinki. The man’s brother, on the other hand, was caught, and he was arrested on suspicion of involvement in a murder attempt.


The stabbing took place on Sunday 3. March in Haaga, Santavuorentie. Al – Hmedavi has escaped the police ever since. The police are looking for a man with a picture and a name.


At the time of the event, the man was planned to meet his children. The ex-wife was not present at the meeting.

After the meeting, the man’s former spouse arrived with her friend. The man is suspected of stabbing his former spouse and hetr friend. The couple’s common children were also injured in the situation. One of the children was under school age. The other two were under school age.


– The woman (the ex – spouse ) has been very aware of the threat of violence, says the crime commissioner Hätönen.




Planned together

The police suspect that the man had planned the woodcutting in advance with his brother.


According to the police, the brother of the suspect was not present at the time of the act but was involved in the planning of the act. Because of the systematic nature of the act, the police investigate this as attempted murder rather than attempted manslaughter.


– We have such clear indications as to what the purpose of the act was. We have a strong understanding of the brother’s involvement in the events. More details will be made known later.


For investigative reasons, Hätönen does not yet tell what role the brother played in the planning of the act.


– But he has been involved here .


More at Iltalehti in Finnish

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