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Finland: Was attempted honor murder in Haaga, former wife refused hijab, had restraining order, previously threatened to murder her…….


I reported on this case two days ago, the Muslim in question was still on the loose at the time. My take is that he’s long gone by now…


There was a time when Finns would only reading about situations like these in the foreign news section of their favorite media sources. Now it’s a regular feature in the domestic section. I have warned, others have warned, in English, Finnish, Swedish and in all the rest of the languages represented in Europe. Now it’s become an everyday phenomenon here. It gives me no pleasure in having been right all along.


Haaga’s suspected stabber had a retraining order, husband angry over wife rejection of veil threatened to murder her


The police have received dozens of tips on the Haaga stabber.


man suspected of having been stabbed on Sunday in Haaga, HELSINKI, had a restraining order keeping him away from his former wife.

This is evident from the public documents of the Helsinki District Court. The previous restraining order was renewed on 8 February.

THE FORMER WIFE was one of the people injured in the stabbing attack. The woman’s adult friend and three children received injuries from the knifing attack. The children who were injured are the children of the suspect and his former spouse.

The police in Haaga, Helsinki, are investigating the attack as one of attempted murder, one attempt of homicide, and three aggravated assaults.

So far, the POLICE HAVE not caught the suspect, Hayder Abdulevar Al-Hmedavia , born in 1985 .


The police released the image and name of the suspect on Monday. On Tuesday, the police told STT that they had received dozens of clues about the whereabouts of the suspect.


“The police have, among other things, carried out several home searches to find Al-Hmedav,” said Jari Koski, Chief Criminal Commissioner, of the police in Helsinki on Tuesday.

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