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Finland: Muslim who screamed ‘allahu akbar’ while trying to hijack bus in Decemeber, released from jail, gets only 480 euro fine…….


This is the reason why trial by jury is the more just of the two justice systems. Appointed judges who are not answerable to the people are more apt to commit politicized judgments than twelve jury members…

Man accused of hijacking a bus released – said it was a panic attack during the night bus ride


A foreigner born in 1987, has been released from the charge of hijacking a bus in the District Court of Central Finland.


The hijacking claim and the requirement of three years’ imprisonment were alleviated to risk endangerment and gross negligence. Of these, the accused was sentenced to 80 day penalty of 6 euros a day for a total of 480 euros.


Since the accused has been imprisoned since 5 December, the District Court considered the full execution of the corresponding penalty for the period of deprivation of liberty. Therefore, the accused must be released immediately, unless other factors prevent it.


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Here’s the article from yesterday about the beginning of the trial, and events of the crime.


The Bus hijacking Trial Started – An Incident in Jyväskylä and Uurainen in December


A foreign man born in 1987 is accused of kidnapping and other various other crimes. The prosecutor is requiring that he be sentenced to three years’ imprisonment.


The trial of the bus incident in December began in the morning at the District Court of Central Finland. At the beginning of the trial in Jyväskylä the focus was on the scene of the incident.


According to preliminary estimates, the District Court will announce the decision today. The morning session continued until 12 noon. The sitting will resume afternoon after 1 pm.


A man of foreign background, born in 1987 is accused primarily of hijacking and drug abuse, assault, driving a vehicle and resisting arrest.


The accused man is imprisoned and brought to the district court by the police.


The bus car incident took place at the beginning of December on a bus trip to Helsinki from Äänekoski on E-4, the driver of which changed in Jyväskylä.


According to the prosecutor, the accused was traveling from Espoo to Kemi. Before arriving to Hirvaskangas, the man had shouted several times in Arabic, “Allahu Akbar – God is the greatest” and rushed to the front of the bus. The man grabbed the bus driver by hand, but other passengers managed to beat the man back.


There were 11 passengers on the bus at the time of the incident, three of which had left the same reception center as the accused. According to the prosecutor, their rapid intervention prevented a more serious accident and the bus remained in its own lane.


The bus speed was about 80 kilometers per hour at the time of the incident. The time of the event was dark and the road surface was wet. The bus continued for another 5-6 kilometers until the driver stopped it and the police were alerted.


The bus remained under the control of the driver


The bus driver tells that he heard a sharp voice before the incident from the passenger cabin. After that, he heard heavy pushing and shouting, causing the driver to start breaking. The driver did not hear what was spoken or shouted on the bus.


The 40-year-old driver, who drove a bus, tells the accused took hold of his right hand. The man didn’t get to touch the steering wheel. Three foreign men intervened and took hold of the accused. According to the driver, he kept a tight grip on the steering wheel and there was no actual danger to the passengers.


The first immigrant who had taken hold of the accused had known him only 24 hours earlier. According to him, the accused was confused, sweaty, and very pale. The young man thought he could try to commit suicide. In the preliminary investigation, the young man had told him that the accused had had similar scenes three times in the reception center.


The second man had known the accused for three months.


The accused’s plea was panic


According to the defense, the accused denies the charge of hijacking. He tells us he was panicking and, when he went to the front of the bus, and fell on the driver. The driver said that unintentional falling on him was quite possible.


According to the defense, the man shouted “Allahu Akbar” because he was in trouble and cried to his God for help. According to the man, he had left the front of the car to get out of the vehicle, and his friends misinterpreted the situation.


The accused has admitted in the preliminary investigation that he has used drugs daily and has taken the flu vaccination before the trip. Laboratory studies confirmed that cannabis and metabolism were found in the blood of the accused. The man admits that he has resisted the police because he felt badly treated.


The accused said he had bought 200 drug pills via Facebook and had eaten them a week. As a result, he had supervised seven days.


The driver who drove the bus from Helsinki to Jyväskylä told his witness that the accused had behaved strangely at the beginning of the trip. The accused had three times standing behind the driver. The last, longer visit took place around the direct line of Leivonmäki, when the driver had a strange feeling. He thought for a moment to stop the bus and ask the accused to sit with a seat belt, but this was not done.


According to the prosecutor, the similar bus incident in Loimaa in December has no connection with the hijacking attempt at E-4. According to reports by the Central Criminal Police and the Security Police, no terrorist connections have been found in either incident. The case of Loimaa is also in the District Court in March.



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