Lefty Morons Tommy Robinson

Tommy Robinson Goes To House of Left Wing Activist Mike Stuchbery who violated the premises of terrified family……..


They do not like getting a taste of their own medicine. In this case, unlike what Stuchbery did, the actual party in question is being contacted…

It’s obvious that Mike Stuchbery doesn’t seem to like having Tommy turn up on his doorstep, which is rather funny considering he seems to have no such issues when it comes to him turning up at innocent peoples houses and intimidating women and children.

Mike Stuchbery

Tommy Robinson Goes To Left Wing Activist Mike Stuchbery House


In this video Tommy Robinson confronts the left wing activist known as Mike Stuchbery.


While Tommy was on a recent trip to Finland to promote a documentary on immigration, Mike Stuchbery, a media crew and a lawyer turned up to one of Tommy Robinsons previous addresses (probably the same one Ali Dawah had previously obtained).


Mike Stuchbery and his associates then proceeded to use the situation to get 5 minutes of fame whilst intimidating the poor family that resides at Tommys old address.


It was known by everyone that Tommy was not in the UK, so to turn up full well knowing Tommy was not there was just plain stupid and was done on the hope that they could catch his family whilst Tommy was away and intimidate them.


More here.

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