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Austria: Leaders of Jewish groups still wary of Vice-Chancellor Strache, Jewish FPÖ MP Lasar says nonsense……..


Let me make a clear and definitive statement. If I believed for a second that Strache was not sincere in his condemnation of Jew-hatred (antisemitism), I would condemn him as both a fraud and charlatan.


Outside of one example of a poorly chosen cartoon (that I would never have posted, either as a joke or a statement), Strache hasn’t done anything to convince me that he’s been insincere. In fact, his actions and words have been exemplary without exception:

“Anti-Semitism, regardless in which form, is a crime against humanity,” FPO leader Heinz-Christian Strache told a panel discussion on the issue which his party hosted in November.
“If Israel as a state is threatened and ceases to exist, that is the beginning of Europe’s downfall,” he said. At the event held in a grand Vienna hotel, Strache also denounced “a political Islam that seeks world domination.”

It’s highly important to note that it’s not the FPÖ who’s presently championing the importation of Jew-hating Middle Eastern Muslims into the country. No, that would be the Leftist opposition in the country that’s still keen on doing that, while they ignore the phenomenon existing. Given the recent history of the region, it’s highly understandable for Austrian Jews to be careful about who they trust. It’s also wise to see which side of the political aisle has been selling them a rotten bill of goods.


Being against Jew-hatred is not just about the yearly remembering of the Holocaust, but actively working against that ever happening again. Words must be met with deeds, and I believe that the FPÖ under Strache has been consistently doing just that. Time will tell whether or not his words and deeds have been enough to win the trust he seeks, but the political clock is ticking and Islam is patiently waiting in the wings. The Muslims know which party(s) will serve their needs, and their needs will never be conducive to the securing of liberal democracy.


Austria’s Jews wary of far-right charm offensive


Vienna (AFP) – David Lasar’s family is sadly not unusual among Austria’s Jewish community in having lost several members in the Holocaust. But in one respect Lasar stands out — his membership of the far-right Freedom Party (FPOe).


At its foundation, the FPOe was led by two former members of the Waffen SS, so 66-year-old Lasar’s choice of political home might well be considered surprising.


Lasar says he initially joined in the late 1990s as the FPOe was “the only party close to the people, to employees and workers who had been forgotten by the left, while the centre-right was the party of capitalism and big business”.


Now as an FPOe MP he says he has an added reason for throwing his lot in with the party.


“We are fighting tirelessly against anti-Semitism, especially anti-Semitism imported through immigration.


“We are the only party to be fighting against this, together with our partners in government,” he says, referring to the centre-right People’s Party (OeVP) of Chancellor Sebastian Kurz.


Since entering the coalition government at the end of 2017, the FPOe has made great play of its efforts to foster a rapprochement with the Jewish community, and to establish relations between the party and Israel.


But the Jewish community has largely kept its distance in the face of repeated scandals suggesting that anti-Semitic attitudes are still present in the party’s milieu.


As for Israel, its government has maintained an official boycott of all FPOe ministers, including Vice-Chancellor Heinz-Christian Strache and Foreign Minister Karin Kneissl, who while not an FPOe member herself, was nominated for the post by the party.


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