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Finnish Rapper @MikaelGabriel spews classic anti-Jew tropes in Helsingin Sanomat, does it again on Twitter before deleting tweets…….




The Mossad is like a diamond, it’s forever Mikael…Lol!


The Helsingin Sanomat interviewed a Finnish rap artist, Mikael Gabriel, who makes an antisemitic statement towards the end of the article. It’s dressed up as criticism of Israel, but it’s based on classic anti-Jewish tropes:


“Sixth: ‘ If we talk about things that we want to keep in the dark, then one of the greatest is how Israel controls the world economy and the world’s weapons. ‘



I called attention to it on Twitter, tagging the rapper himself with the following: 



Mikael, the unsophisticated (part-time?) antisemite tries to spin his earlier words as to meaning “just criticism of the state of Israel”:


Translation: “Don’t come telling me what I should or shouldn’t do. Sit down and go tweet to a type on your own level”



The Netflix link is to a documentary on the Israeli Mossad. Whoop di doo…



Does he actually think that Israel is the only state that has a spy/intelligence network? What’s the point other than hunkering down on his real original premise that the Helsingin Sanomat allowed him to spew: that it’s “da Joooos” who control the world’s economy and weapons trade. He’s a sicko. He then tries to slough off his Jew-hatred by insisting that he’s just talking about a state, not about individual Jews:


Translation: “When I’m criticizing states and systems it should be at least a different level, that you wouldn’t take it as an attack against people. FUC OUYYA HERE.


To which I replied:

He blathers on.



It’s at this point that he’s beginning to get nervous…



Rapper McGab then tries to shift gears and insist that he’s just a regular nice guy, we need to “just get to know him better”, by buying his book. Lol!


Translation: “Why am I wasting my time with you lol. My book is in the store, there you can read who and what I am, if it interests.”



Note: I really don’t need to know any more about a guy who tats himself with a mug shot of Vladimir Putin. He deleted his tweets because he fears that it will cause him headaches later on, bank on it.

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