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Finland: Tommy Robinson talks with Suomen Uutiset on future of UKIP party…….


Exciting times me thinks…


Visiting Finland, British Islam critic Tommy Robinson banned on social media – next in line for UKIP leadership?


Tommy Robinson, who was visiting Finland, revealed that he was considering going to politics because the gates of social media were closed to him. Suomen Uutiset (Finnish News) reporter met Robinson on Saturday, who had come to warn Finns about the tactics used by grooming gangs. Will he be the next man to lead the UKIP party?

Last week, Facebook announced that it would permanently close Tommy Robinson’s Facebook and Instagram accounts. On Facebook, Robinson had more than one million followers. The number of followers he has received on social media succeeds that of any of Britain’s top politicians.


Robinson told SU (Finnish News) that he planned to create his own “media empire” with Lauren Southern, but now the plan seems almost impossible to implement when one publishing platform closes its gates after another. Earlier, Twitter and PayPal, the pay broker, have banned Robinson.


“Now that I have been removed from social media, my next move is probably going into politics,” Robinson says.


– Many will not like it, but it’s they themselves who have ordered it.


Tommy Robinson, who has risen to world renown in social media, sees the British Parliament as a good place for him to awaken people and cause storms. He does not really value the current MEPs.


– If I am voted into Parliament, I will be able to say there, things about other MPs and Islam that would cause a storm, Robinson describes.


Gerard Batten, UKIP’s UK-Brexit driving chairman appointed Robinson as his counselor in November 2018. But as a party member, Robinson has not yet been approved, as party rules prohibit the entry of former members of “far-right organizations” into UKIP. Making an exception for Robinson was re-raised in the party government after Brexit.


Some even anticipate Tommy Robinson becoming the UKIP party leader if Gerard Batten, who is approaching retirement age, decides to give up politics. In any case, UKIP will need known characters like Robinson in the future.


The mere appointment of Robinson as an advisor caused some turmoil in the ranks of the UKIP party. As many as eight party MEPs resigned from the party. There were seven MEPs who left. One of those leaving was the former long-standing chairman of the party, Nigel Farage , who blamed Batten for having a “fixation” with Islam.


Tommy Robinson, in turn, is of the opinion that the departures had to happen.


– They don’t have the backbone to fight Islam. They have no backbone to say the things that need to be said.


Robinson also introduces British class society. According to him, many of those who left were from the upper class, while he himself is a strong representative of the working class.


Many of the MEPs who left were concerned that Batten and Robinson were going to make UKIP an anti-Islam party. Robinson thinks this is the only right direction.


– The party has no future. If Brexit becomes a reality, UKIP’s job is done, Robinson says.


He wants to make the party “a political voice for those who are afraid of Islam”.


– We have to tell people that UKIP will be the voice of the honest and open debate about Islam.


According to Tommy Robinson, Britain can still be rescued by political means.


– But first we must be able to even discuss the salvation of Britain. Now we can’t even talk about it, Robinson ends.



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