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VOE: One in five migrants say rape is woman’s fault…….


I wonder what is the ratio of Muslims interviewed for that migrant polling..?


Denmark: One in five migrants say rape is woman’s fault

17 percent of ethnic minority men believe that Danish women who dress provocatively only have themselves to blame when they’re raped, according to a recent survey.
Equality Minister Eva Kjer Hansen of the ruling liberal-conservative Venstre Party was astonished that the number is so high.
“I get really angry about that. Of course, such attitudes are not acceptable, and it emphasises the need for a debate in society about the values that need to prevail”, Eva Kjer Hansen told Danish Radio.
Hansen stressed that parts of the immigrant minority still doesn’t treat men and women as equals.
“They still have the attitude that the woman is responsible for child-rearing and the man should always have the last word. There, it is not allowed to have friends from the opposite sex and it is okay for a man to defend his honor with violence”, she said.
Last year, another survey discovered that half of those found guilty of rape and attempted rape between January 2016 and May 2017 were immigrants, predominantly from Syria, Somalia, Afghanistan, Eritrea, Iraq and Cameroon.

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