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Finland: State broadcaster YLE forced to cover Seinäjoki Arab Spring documentary, still manages to disparage Tommy Robinson…….


Prolific Finnish blogger Kumitonttu states to the TT:

“Though Tommy Robinson wasn’t able to participate in the event he was invited to, his mere presence in Helsinki caused the Finnish media to take the event itself seriously enough to report on in detail.”


Airing of Seinäjoki Arab Spring Documentary Still Uncertain – Director Confident Though Content Not Approved

The director of the asylum document believes that the film will be seen during the spring, although Yle has not made a final decision on the matter.

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March 1, 2016 at 7:45 pm


The documentary film Seinäjoki’s Arab Spring will still be seen at Yle,  the film director Matti Reinikka firmly believes. According to him, the film is currently scheduled for May 9th.


Yle is trying to present a film, but no decision has been made on publishing.


Subscriber Erkki Astala from Yle tells us that this is just one of the planned show days, and there is no final show day yet. The latest version of the movie is Yle’s to decide.


– As with all content, the final release decision can only be made once the content has been approved, Astala says.


The financiers do not accept the content of the movie

The Seinäjoki Arab Spring tells of the autumn 2015 asylum seeker crisis through three different perspectives. The stories of the Iraqi asylum seeker, the head of the reception center and the local immigration critical activist come across during a three-year follow-up.


Director Matti Reinikka emphasizes that, unlike in the public domain, the film is not anti-Islamic or immigrant.


– No way. The aim is to talk about difficult things and respect people and their convictions.


In the director’s opinion, there is nothing in the movie’s content why it couldn’t be played.


“The film is fair, I think it is very successful, and the manuscript on which it was originally made,” he says.


Film Cooperative funding of the documentary produced by Siberia is provided by the Finnish Film Foundation, the Finnish Broadcasting Company, the Audiovisual Culture Promotion Center (AVEK) and the Church Media Foundation. On Friday they published a statement that they did not accept the content of the film.


Reinikka draws attention to the words in the bulletin that donors have not “approved” the “movie version” so far.


– This is not to say that they would not accept the movie. I myself interpret this as the film is still in the evaluation, he says.


Yle: “The movie is not ready yet”

Erkki Astala confirms that the latest version of the film cut has not yet been evaluated. During the autumn, Matti Reinikka has delivered several versions of the film to Yle, which they have not approved for airing.


According to the supervisor, the disagreements are about minor issues concerning three or four scenes.


The Broadcasting Astala does not begin to tell how big the differences are. According to Astala, Yle’s starting point is still that the parties reach an agreement and the film is published.


“The film is not ready from Yle’s point of view, and we will continue to evaluate and discuss with the producer,” he says.


The extreme-right activist missed the press conference

The documentary Seinäjoki Arab Spring was supposed to hold a press conference on Friday at the premises of the Finnish Film Foundation. The Foundation canceled the opportunity. It was finally held at Hotel Arthur’s meeting rooms in Kaisaniemi, Helsinki. There were media, invited guests and the main characters of the film.


Matti Reinikka had also invited a 36-year-old British extremist, activist and immigration critic Tommy Robinson.


The Finnish Film Foundation announced that it would distance itself from all of Robinson’s public statements.


Reinikka confirms that Robinson is now in Finland, but he did not attend the press conference.


– Tommy Robinson is sick and he didn’t come today. I invited him personally to talk about the grooming phenomenon in England, which is a big problem there.


In Finland, the grooming phenomenon emerged in connection with the sexual crimes revealed in Oulu.



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