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Finland: Semitic language-culture professor Hannu Juusola whines over French adoption of ‘anti-Zionism is a form of Jew-hatred’ definition…….


This guy is a real slimeball…


I’ve confronted Juusola over the years.  The first time being in an op-ed at the Helsinki University magazine, then face to face during lectures at the university where he holds tenure. Then on twitter where he blocked me, but not before calling me “Mr. Alt-Right”, something that I’m not. I’m a conservative. I’ve also seen him at the Israeli Ambassador’s apt. during a special commemorative event, during the time Avi Granot held that post. Juusola didn’t dare voice that opinion at the time. I guess his now becoming a persona non grata with the Israeli embassy was justly deserved, this latest tweet of his, only serves to validate that decision and cement it.


Here’s the translation of what this moron said:

As such, serious antisemitism problem is used as a means of preventing criticism of the Israeli state. Anti-Zionism is not anti-Semitism


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