Islamic state may have lost major swaths of its territory, but not Mohamed’s fanatical ideology (Islam 101)…….


Yeah, and the Finnish government still refusing to ban these 7th-century marauders from returning to Finland…


‘Your face is like a shoe’: Insulted by a woman of IS on the ground in Syria

Sky’s John Sparks says the terror group has lost most of its territory, but its fanatical ideology has not weakened.



We found a great mass of humanity on a featureless plain in northern Syria and every person we set eyes on was trying to escape.


They were the wives, mothers and children of Islamic State (IS) and they had decided to abandon their so-called caliphate after years of war.


Kurdish soldiers from the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) sent cattle trucks to pick them up near a village called Baghuz.


IS controls a handful of streets and a field full of tents on this sliver of land near the Iraqi border.


More here at Sky News.

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