Apologist for Islam

Finnish Interior Minister Kai Mykkänen in 2018 he compared “right-wing populism” with “radical Islam” relied on professor of Islamic poetry for guidance……


In his own words in the Suomen Kuvalehti (Premier Finnish political magazine) comparing right-wing populism with “radical” Islam:

… the phenomenon has a kinship with today’s right-wing populism … 
… There will soon be one hundred thousand Muslims in Finland. As a religion, Islam is no worse or better than any other, but its structures are more inconsistent than other important religions. It is not insignificant where imams are trained and who builds the mosques or donates religious literature. I am pleased to see that the theological faculty of the University of Helsinki is a school of education and training, with the support of the educational ministry. It is important to succeed.



This guy, Jaakko Hämeen-Antilla, who translated the koran into Finnish, treating many of the problematic verses with kids gloves:



What results from the input of this clown and other Islamo-apologists like him, is a very skewed view of the real dangers of that demonstrably caustic ideology. Fooling career politicians and bureaucrats into believing that Islam is “just like any other religion” when it’s not, is dangerous, foolhardy and sinister all rolled into one.


In league with operatives of the Islamonazi Muslim Brotherhood, Finnish institutions and governing bodies have been subverted by their clap-trap, dangerous MB operatives now “advise” government officials on Islam. Jackasses like Hämeen-Antilla are in great measure to blame.


H/T: Kumitonttu

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