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US: Bernie Sanders (Marxist) Hires Campaign Manager Who Co-chaired Event That Included Hamas Fundraiser…….


Interesting links to the Sanders’ campaign…



Bernie Sanders’ campaign manager had written positively of a monster who had called for another Holocaust.


Bernie Sanders continues to provide shelter and cover for Islamic figures with anti-Semitism issues. Fresh off his backing for Rep. Omar’s anti-Semitism, here he is bringing on board another controversial figure as his campaign manager.

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) has tapped Faiz Shakir to serve as his campaign manager for his second run at the White House, the Daily Beast has learned.
Shakir joins the Sanders operation from the American Civil Liberties Union where he served as national political director since early 2017. Before joining the ACLU, he was a senior adviser to then-Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) and before that he worked with House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA). He first made a name for himself as an editor at the site ThinkProgress, the news arm associated with, though editorially independent of, the powerhouse Democratic think-tank Center for American Progress.

As I previously noted, ThinkProgress had some anti-Semitism issues on Shakir’s watch.

After the use of bigoted language by ThinkProgress contributors turned into a growing scandal, the White House publicly distanced itself from ThinkProgress, an outlet of the Center for American Progress, which Time Magazine called the think tank with the largest influence on the Obama administration. Jarrod Bernstein, the White House’s liaison to the Jewish community, described the events there as troubling and stated that the Center for American Progress’s attitude was not that of the Obama administration.

But, more importantly, there’s the Hamas issue. I broke this story quite a few years ago. And there was no interest in it.


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