Finland: Oulu’s Muslim sex-grooming scandal enlarges, already 29 cases with one being a victim longer than previously thought…….


Everything that Katie Hopkins predicted Finland would find out about the Muslims sex-grooming (Jihad rape-squads) operating here, has happened…


Oulu’s sex crimewave continues still to swell, already 29 cases involving minors, the child victim of the largest rape case was exploited for much longer The largest rape case involving a child victim was going on longer than thought


The Oulu Sex Crimewave has further swelled. There have been 29 serious sexual offenses under police investigation this winter, all of which involve a minor victim.


– There are a total of 30 suspects and most of them are foreign. There are 20 minors who have been involved in at least half of the cases, criminal commissioner Markus Kiiskinen says the evening in an interview with the Rikospaikka (Crime-scene) program.

The biggest thing took more than a year


The police have investigated entities, including those suspected of aggravated rape and sexual abuse of a child.


Some of the cases have been brought to prosecution. A pre-trial investigation on the most wide-ranging case is still in progress. There are eight men with foreign backgrounds suspected in the case.


According to the police, the victim, clearly a minor Finnish girl, has been used for another year, that is to say, much longer than known to date.


– For some suspects, the time of serious sexual offenses runs until 2017, says Kiiskinen in the interview.


All the suspects in the case have either denied the acts they are suspected of or have claimed that they did not know the victim was a minor.

The youngest victim is only a few years old


According to information from the crime scene, the youngest victim of the serious sexual offenses under investigation by the police in Oulu is a few years old child. The perpetrator is Finn. 


The second youngest victim is 10 years old. The suspect is a foreigner.


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