Finland MUSLIM SETTLERS Racism or not

Finland: Non-ethnic Finn taxi drivers allegedly face racism…….


How much do you want to bet that the majority of people refusing cab service from these non-ethnic Finnish men are women concerned for their own safety?


Then there are other considerations to ponder, whether or not they are able to speak Finnish adequately and get around town in the least expensive way. This article is focusing exclusively on the race issue when it very well might be other factors involved. It fits the narrative that the (Lefist) media want to push.


Taxi drivers face racism


Foreign-background cab drivers in Finland are facing increasing prejudice in Finland, Jari Kantonen, CEO of Taksi Helsinki, told tabloid Ilta-Sanomat. Last weekend, a customer using the taxi company’s app requested an ethnically Finnish driver. When a dark-skinned driver pulled up, the unhappy customer complained of poor service.


”Our ride-booking app will never offer the possibility to select a driver based on skin colour,” Kantonen told the paper.


He said racism towards his taxi drivers has grown in the past two years he has headed Taksi Helsinki, adding that racist feedback from customers is ”surprisingly common.” Most often it manifests in customers at taxi stands passing up drivers who don’t appear typically Finnish.


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