Finnish tabloid columnist: Finland now paying a heavy price for its naiveness – asylum seekers are a national security threat…….


It needed to be said…


Perspective: Finland now paying a heavy price for its naiveness – asylum seekers are a national security threat

Even after the most recent cases in Oulu, few politicians dare to intervene in the root of the problem, writes Iltalehti Mika Koskinen.

The growth of brutal sex offenders in Oulu has given rise to a broad political debate in Finland. Unfortunately, the debate is still marked by the fact that few politicians, experts or opinion leaders dare to go to the heart of the problem.


The statements of many leading politicians have been outrageously incomprehensible.


A few examples.


The acting Chairman of the SDP,  Sanna Marin, said Saturday evening to Yle News that the party has long been proposing an increase to the number of police officers. Does that decrease the number of rapes? No reduction.


Prime Minister Juha Sipilä (Center) and Finance Minister Petteri Orpo ( kok ) spoke as soft in an interview with the Helsinki Sanomat( HS 13 .1.2019). Sipilä said, among other things, that “integration needs to pay more attention to the fundamental values of Finnish society and to be able to respect them here.”


In the same paper, Orpo said that there was needed better cooperation and information flow between the authorities and the need to create ‘as easy as possible, ways for young people to contact and get help. “According to Orpo, the National Coalition Party is proposing” stricter laws to prevent foreign-related crime and requires swift processing of laws “.


So now there is a hurry in the Coalition when there are three months to elections.* *

The  Finns Chairman, Jussi Halla – aho, rightly said that the government, which, incidentally, had The Finns Party until the summer of 2017, had 4 years to make impressive decisions.


They have largely failed to do so.


It is incomprehensible that this is only properly spoken of after the Oulu cases. However, a lot has happened before that. Too much. The Turku terrorist stabbing ( two deaths ), the dual killing in Pori ( one burned alive, the other decapitated ), in Oulu murdered with an ax ( two victims ), Otanmäki one murdered ( one victim ) , or in Kotka, dismemberment murder ( An Iraqi convicted of crimes of violence, slew another immigrant). These are just a few.


In all cases, a man of foreign nationality who came to Finland as an asylum seeker has been guilty of the act.


When a huge amount of rapes made by foreigners is added ( over 30% of all cases in 2017 ), the final balance is clear and harsh.

* * *

Why is the worry coming up now? Why is it still not dared to be talked about and go to the heart of the problem? The background is the infinite naiveness of Finns and the resulting hangover, which many leading politicians, experts and opinion-elite are now feeling deep down.


Until now, multicultural aspirations and admiration has been the leading theme in Finland, under the guise of its acceptance and review of almost all immigration-related problems. In this context, I mainly refer to asylum seekers.


There has been talk, for an example, for the need for labor, even though statistics have long since shown that many people from Finland, such as Somalis, are not working.


Of course, the peak of all this was in 2015, when more than 32,000 asylum seekers came to Finland. If we tried to tune in the debate that, when we take so many people here, for example, from Iraq, we will sign an open mandate for the inevitable increase in crime.


There should have been a normal social debate already then, or in fact, much earlier. That’s why we know well, for example, when talking about the harm of alcohol. Deaths and disadvantages in relation to consumption have been well researched and made public when the topic rises regularly to the debate.


However, the immigration debate was deactivated by silence or even acknowledged by racism if someone dared to raise problems. There was enough statistics and a glimpse into Sweden would have dropped the blindfolds from many eyes. It’s my strong opinion that with “ordinary people” these problems have long been recognized and the situation is causing increasing concern, even rage.


What, then, is the debate that still isn’t going on in Finland, but where the whole problem is intensified? It is simply a question of the fact that Finland has been an overly attractive country for asylum seekers. Asylum seekers have been granted asylum on a loose basis and as a result, there are too many of them in Finland, who constitute a national security threat. What independent country sweeps such a question under the carpet?


It might not become a climate change election, but an immigration election. It is extremely regrettable that it has to come this after such a heavy experience.



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