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How democracies die

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I have repeatedly pointed out that Sweden is a pure form of democracy. You just need to look at the current government structure to understand what I mean. Professor KO Arnstberg has written a two-part essay on the death of democracy, from which I have picked some goodies. Read it all.

If we take Sweden as an example, the citizens are more or less deceived by the politicians and the media to support people from other parts of the world, people who have never worked together the necessary funds. The people even risk being exchanged through the mass immigration policy.
Whatever the twists and turns of the question, this policy can never lie in the interests of the people, no matter what the power establishment managed to convince voters about. A country where politicians no longer put their own people’s interests in the first place is not democratically controlled but totalitarian. How democracies die I: II

How democracies die II

“The issue of fate lies in the competition between the left-wing power-holders and the populist protest movement. Here I am convinced that the female voters are the tip of the wave. Today, the women are the most deceived – a majority of Sweden’s women are the ‘religious of the good’. But society’s decay will lead them inexorably towards an awakening. When they are no longer safe in the streets, when the local grocery store has been closed due to all of the thefts and threats, when they realize that their children will not grow up in the welfare state they themselves thought was eternal, but in a poor and increasingly dangerous countries, they will hopefully realize how deceived they have become. Such an awakening can come quickly and, if so, bring with it that many of Sweden’s feminized men finally to understand what is happening.”


More here in Danish.

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