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Finns Chairman Jussi Halla-aho on integration: Integration is a modern-day substitute for the Indian rain dance”


A brilliant analogy…


Jussi Halla-aho: “Integration is a modern-day substitute for the Indian Rain Dance”


Chairman Jussi Halla-aho (ps.) considers integration as a substitute that’s as useless as the Indian rain dance of ancient times.


On Saturday, Halla-Aho, who participated in the election panel in Jyväskylä, pointed out in the case of elderly care, that Finland has used the same amount of money in the integration of migrants every single year, that it’s giving caregivers, the increase of 0.7%. The YLE journalist, Pirjo Auvinen, who has hosted the event, asked if I believe that immigrants should not be integrated.


Halla-aho wondered afterward and today wrote on his FB website:


“Integration is the modern-day substitute for the Indian rain dance. Primitive man, of course, found correlations and could infer cause-and-effect relationships. The Indians knew perfectly well that the harsh dancing didn’t get rain.
So why did they dance? Because a) there was a problem (that is, drought), b) something had to be done, otherwise the people would have started to grumble that no one is doing anything. The rain dance was a substitution. When danced, one could say and experience that serious action has been taken with decisive action.
In addition, it was always possible to think that if you were not dancing, it would be even drier.
Integration is the modern day substitute for the medicine men, integration consultants and multi-cultural coordinators, dance around the immigrant and chant spells. There is no effect by them, but – as in the rain dance – the ritual resolutely tackles a serious problem – non-integration – and it is perceived that the treatment is working.
In addition, it can always be thought that if there were no integration, integration would be even worse.”

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