Anti-Israel bigotry and bias Netherlands

Dutch government in collusion with anti-Israel NGO attacks the Israeli Supreme Court…….


Dutch taxpayer money used by the government to go after a fellow democracy…

The Dutch government commissioned and financed a report by an extremist Israeli NGO B’Tselem. The report attacks Israel’s Supreme Court regarding its decisions and construction planning in the West Bank. The Dutch government specified the reports goals.




Dutch government financed B’Tselem report attacking Supreme Court

By URI BOLLAG 02/11/2019

The Dutch government not only financed the report but also specified the report’s goals and what it aimed to create with it.

The Dutch government commissioned and financed a B’Tselem report attacking the Israeli Supreme Court about its decisions and construction planning in the West Bank, according to a copy of the document detailing the agreement.


The agreement states that, according to the Dutch government, “the situation [in Israel] of human rights developments, rights of women, the most serious violations and freedom of expression are all under pressure,” and the left-wing NGO’s activity “feeds very well into the Dutch priority of supporting ‘change agents.’”


B’Tselem received some 176,000 euros from the Dutch government to compose the report that would include criticism of Supreme Court decisions under the headline “Expulsion of Palestinian Communities from Their Land.”


The report by B’Tselem was released last week and painted the Supreme Court as “being part of the occupation,” and enabling the “violations of human rights by granting judicial legitimacy to Israeli policy.”


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