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Richard Landes: The BBC’s HardTalk, Stephen Sackur: Bully and Wimp…….


Richard Landes at Augean Stables comes up with a timely video that exposes the BBC for the overt bias (hack reporting) it has become famous for.


Tommy Robinson’s recent takedown of the Beeb’s premier Panorama program also exposes the same tiresome rot. Those of us who have been for decades defending Israel from outright media bias, smears, blood libels, and bigotry in general, already know what #FakeNews is. Landes, over at the Augean Stables blog is a legend in the pro-Israel community, he coined the term “Pallywood”, and as acting editor of The 2nd Draft, he oversaw the many films documenting the international media (including the BBC) propagating bogus anti-Israel Palestinian narratives, with the Al-Durah and Gaza Beach blood libels being chief among them.

His Wiki-page : Richard Allen Landes is an American historian and author, specializing in Millennialism. He coined the term “Pallywood” for what he considers the practice of staged filming of evidence against Israel for the benefit of the Palestinians. He currently serves as an associate professor in the Department of History at Boston University.

 Sock it to em Richard!

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