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Helsingin Sanomat more interested in “Grooming gang” word usage in Finland, than in the phenomenon itself…….


Typical of the fake media, totally out-to-lunch on real investigative journalism where and when it counts, focusing on the inane and pointless instead…



At least Katie Hopkins has left her mark in Finland.



After suspicion of crimes in Oulu, talk about Rotherham began on the internet, that what happened there is happening right now in Oulu – this is what it’s all about


In Rotherham, extreme political correctness made it possible for more than a thousand minors to have been systematically sexually exploited, and now the card is also being waved in Finland.


The strange name began to pop up in Finland as early as December when the Oulu police reported for the first time about suspected sexual offenses in the city.


More information was released in January. The police said they were investigating nine criminal offenses involving men of foreign origin who are suspected of having sex offenses with 10-15-year-old girls. At the end of January, the police in Oulu reported that they would pre-empt with four or five new reports of sexual offenses against minors. The public debate on the link between sexual offenses and humanitarian immigration became increasingly important with the new information.


At the same time, the xenophobic rhetoric of columns became public in the country when searching for the reasons the phenomenon. Much has been talked about grooming, cultures, and Afghani men’s concept of equality.


But in particular, one name was started to splash around the Finnish Internet. Links to foreign news from the North English city. The name was associated with a charged, accusing tone.


What’s happening is like in Rotherham.


For a few decades, authorities in South Yorkshire, Rotherham, which is smaller than Oulu, closed their eyes, with as many as 1,400 children being subjected to the sexual abuse of men of Pakistani origin between 1997 and 2013.


The chain of events was one of the common causes that often lead to a smaller or a bigger disaster: malevolent men, indifferent authorities, confusion, and silence of the administration, and the fact that people turned their gaze away from nasty things.


In Finland and also in other European countries, the events in Rotherham grew as a symbol of conservative, immigration criticism, alt-right, and other forms of immigration disapproved of, a modern myth and a warning horror about what would happen if they were not taken seriously.


What happened in the city, therefore, became a bludgeon by which the warning helped to promote policy.


Therefore, after the events in Oulu, links Rotherham began to spread here as well. Politically active agitators, but certainly also ordinary worried citizens, began to refer to Rotherham and to weave possible links between what happened in Oulu and what happened in Rotherham.


What then happened in Rotherham? 


At that time, the first arrested and convicted was 21-year-old Mohsin Khan , a middle-class mortgage negotiator. Khan started flirting with a 13-year-old girl by offering cannabis and taking her around Rotherham in a fine car, tells the British magazine The Telegraph . According to the girl’s report, the man had spoiled her like a princess and spoke that the two would live together.


However, Khan had something different mind. In 2010, the court found that Khan and four other Pakistani men had sexually exploited the girl. The men were described as predators were sentenced to prison, but a larger phenomenon was hidden.


Following the verdict, The Times investigator Andrew Norfolk revealed in his story that Khan’s case was not the only one.


Not the only one at all. 


Norfolk managed to dig into the secret report of Rotherham’s local police. Police estimates that “Asian men’s networks” committed similar crimesmaybe even thousands of times a year .


It seemed that for more than a decade, organized groups of men managed to marry, mate and convey girls to different even parts of the country with impunity. The authors were notified to the police, but the cases never went to court.


The writings attracted attention. 


The authorities launched investigations. A report published in 2014 revealed that there were at least 1,400 victims.


[A TT NOTE HERE: Tommy Robinson, who at the time led the EDL was the driving force that brought Muslim men grooming gangs to the forefront in the British media. Tommy took to mentioning this criminal activity at every possible moment in front of the British media, it was NOT Andrew Norfolk and media, but Tommy Robinson (in 2008, two whole years before Norfolk’s story) and Peter McGloughlin with his fact-filled book, “Easy Meat”]



There was a scandal. 


Messages began to be dug up more information about events. It appeared that the men got to know the girls on the streets and many offered drugs. Soon, the abuse began that could have been organized and involved the girl’s being recycled from man to man.


Even mass rape and pairing of underage girls were recurrent. The authorities did not intervene at all on the phenomenon to find out why Pakistani men were accused of being suspects of sexual offenses against children.



Politicians and senior officials wanted to undermine the ‘ethnic dimension’ of exploitation, which confused ordinary workers, such as what would be interpreted as racist?


The authorities described their empathy and fears in the face of racial accusations.


In many reports drawn up by the authorities, the reason for such large-scale exploitation and the fact that it has been hidden for years has been the fear of local authorities being labeled racists.


Individual officials did not dare to speak of the exploitation by men of foreign backgrounds as a phenomenon. Local politicians also clossed their eyes.



The then British Minister of the Interior, Theresa May, described Rotherham’s exploits as “institutionalized political correctness”.


In the British media, it was repeatedly determined that the children of the city were being hunted for grooming gangs. In English, the word “grooming” means a man preparing himself or the brushing and caring for domestic animals.


In Rotherham, it meant preparing a child for a sexual offense.


Now we have heard that strange foreign word in Finland. Coming by plane from England with the clear intention to draw a line between Oulu and Rotherham. 


The brash British activist known for her comments on immigration, Katie Hopkins flew to Oulu, Finland, to specifically tell how the root of the problem is grooming gangs.


“I’m coming from Britain and I know how these gangs work. They are highly organized, sophisticated and networked, “Hopkins proclaimed through  different channels, and her citations ended up in the Finnish media stories, including Nyt.fihin .


[NOTE: Through The Tundra Tabloids:]


Later, Hopkins told YLE Broadcasting (TT: MY ABOVE VIDEO) that the gangs in Britain consist of “Pakistani Muslim men”. The interview was never published, but Hopkins shared the version she described on Twitter. Hopkins obviously referred to Rotherham’s crimes.


That’s how the connection between Rotherham and Oulu was born: a common denominator was found in foreign backgrounds of men in grooming gangs”.


The word grooming is specifically related to Rotherham.


The word spread widely in the public at the beginning of the decade, when information about Rotherham spread to the public. You can also see the connection by looking at Google searches. People from western countries, especially the British, started looking for grooming information from 2011 onwards.


In Finland, the word grooming, in turn, experienced a lightning strike during the appearance of the events in Oulu in December-January.


Oulun and grooming were linked by, among others, Yleisradio , Ilta-Sanomat and Iltalehti . However, Rotherham has been mentioned in the main comment columns.


An exception is made by the Left Alliance voucher, Kansan Uutiset , who directly linked Oulu events to Rotherham.


Rotherham and grooming are also pushing for political language. They are, in particular, used by opponents of humanitarian immigration. 


The registered party leaders in Oulu directly to Rotherham have compared it only with the publication of the Finnish People First Micro-party ny Marco de Wit in the Laiton Journal.


More commonly The Finns party have spoken of grooming in connection with Oulu. Laura Huhtasaari, vice-chairman, talked with Katie Hopkins for about half an hour. President Jussi Halla-aho spoke indirectly by saying that “Finland has become a hunting ground for criminals who have invaded the country”.


However, the Rotherham references are not new, but they were also seen before Oulu.


In the spring of 2017, rumors were spread in Lahti of exploitation groups with immigrant backgrounds. The police could not confirm the reality of the phenomenon, but at Hommaforum someone wondered if Lahti could become Finland’s Rotherham.


In some cases, Rotherham has also been linked to suspected sexual offenses in Finland.


Rotherham was also featured in the MV posts by Ilja Janitskin . When MTV reported in 2015 about the sex circles around young girls, MV wondered whether the phenomenon was definitely imported by foreigners and made a parallel with Rotherham. So, Rotherham and its grooming, which is strongly linked to it, occasionally raise its head in Finland.


However, its frequency should not be exaggerated: Rotherham has been mentioned in Hommaforum and Ylilauda for several years.


Occasionally, there are greater references of Rotherham.


The best-known example is probably mass harassment in Cologne in the year 2015 – 2016, when hundreds were suspected of harassment by asylum seekers were uncovered in a short space of time.


At first, however, the police briefed during the night rather well, which gave rise to the accusation of disguise. Parallels to Rotherham were made especially in the British press but to some extent in Finland.


The example of Cologne increased the need for information elsewhere .


Soon, in Sweden, a skein was revealed, where young women were sexually harassed at the Stockholm Festival for several years. Both the media and the police had failed to intervene in fear of racism.




From the same point of view, the Finnish government’s talks about juggling international treaties and tightening laws mean giving mistakes in practice. According to logic, here too, it has been naive and whispered.


However, it is premature to establish links between the events in Oulu and Rotherham, because the investigation of the events in Oulu is in progress and there is little information available. 


Nor can Finland and Britain be directly equated – in the case of Rotherham, there were men who lived in the area for the rest of their lives, and in the cases of Oulu, the suspects had arrived recently.


Societies, people, public atmosphere and government practices are also different.





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