Finland: 18 y/o Iranian raped 15 y/o girl behind building with onlookers, gets only 2.5 year sentence and 6000 euro fine…….


The Finnish justice system stinks to high heaven…


15-year-old wanted to go home – passer-buyers looked on as Iranian man pulled girl behind the building and raped her


The District Court of Central Finland has convicted 18-year-old Arkan Parv to two and a half years in prison for aggravated rape and sexual abuse of a child.
The crimes took place on Sunday 14 October (2018). The victim is a 15-year-old minor. The court will not disclose the victim in order to protect her. The confidentiality period is 60 years. 

The Iranian Arkan Parvi forced the girl to have sexual intercourse using violence. Parvi squeezed the girl from the elbow and pulled her behind the building. 

Prior to the violence, Parvi had made suggestions to the girl. The girl refused and announced several times that she wanted to go straight home. 

Behind the building Parvi stripped the girl’s pants down to her knees and raped her. Parvi continued his action even though she still wanted to go home.

The court deemed that the girl was incapable of defending herself and expressing her will because of her fear or otherwise helpless condition.

There were several eyewitnesses of rape, of which at least one, 17-year-old Iraqi boy, tried to get Parvi to stop raping her. 

The 17-year-old also told Parvi the age of the victim. Although Parvi knew the victim was under the age of 16, he continued to do so. 

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