Finland Rape

Finland: Helsinki police investigating multiple incidents of suspected aggravated rape and assaults of a minor…….


Tight-lipped they are…


As Katie Hopkins warned Finnish authorities, this is but the tip of the iceberg. No mention of the ‘minors’ backgrounds.


The police in Helsinki are investigating a child’s gross rape – The suspects are also minors


AOP poliisi poliisiauto talvi lumi 1.03846813


The police are very silent about this, as the pre-trial investigation and the interrogations are still in progress.

Jukka Vuorio HS
published: 29.1. 12:16

THE police in HELSINKI are investigating suspected rape and gross sexual abuse against a child.


There is one injured party in the case and more than one suspect. All the suspects are minors, according to the police. The police are very silent about this, because of the investigation and interrogations are still ongoing . The crimes are suspected to have occurred in Helsinki in late 2018.


HS could not reach Marko Forss , Senior Director of Investigations , but Anniina Tourunen, Communications Officer at Helsinki Police Department, confirms the above information.


MTV Newswas the first to report this issue .



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