Finland: City Council of Outokumpu rules against helping elderly in favor of lone refugee family…….


They’ve taken sides against the very people they’re sworn to serve…


Strange decision-making in Outokumpu: There is not enough money for anti-slip shoes for the elderly, but the only refugee family in the city has its own supervisor


The city of Outokumpu received 30 refugees in 2016. In this case, the refugee supivisorr worked on a full-time basis.


According to current data, Outokumpu has only one family with a refugee background.


– At its meeting on 7.1.2019, the Outokumpu City Council decided to continue using the half-day refugee supivisor’s services. This will cost the city EUR 20,000, writes Sanna Antikainen, an Outokumpu city councilor for the Finns Party, in her blog.


A refugee supivisor directs one remaining family for a little over two working days a week. The city buys the service from Siun Sotel.


Already two years of individual supervision


The city’s 2019 budget has a 2.1 million deficit. Referring to the deficit budget, the city did not offer its elderly people slippage-proof shoes. The anti-slip shoes would have cost € 40,000.


– I made a proposal at the City Council meeting that the 20 000 euro appropriation and contract for the continued supervision of the refugee family should not be approved.  It was rejected.


– I think that after two years of individual supervision for one family it’s no longer needed. They are offered the same help as other people in Outokumpu. City hall’s decision-makers should remember that decision-making should be equal for all local people, ”says Antikainen.



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