Finland: Oulu the scene of yet another Muslim being jailed over alleged rape of a minor…….

As Katie Hopkins said, this is just the tip of the iceberg…


Yet another sexual offence in Oulu- man in his twenties: the deed took place in Raahe in September

Yesterday at 15:05
The detention session was held on Friday in the Oulu District Court. A man in his early twenties is suspected of aggravated rape and aggravated child sexual abuse.
The prisoner was a man born in 1999.


The Oulu region has once again revealed a new sexual offence.


In the Oulu District Court on Friday, a man who was born in 1999 was jailed on a probable suspicion of felony rape and aggravated child sexual abuse.


According to the District Court’s leaflet, the day of the act was 29. September in Raahe.


The detention session was held behind closed doors. The documents relating to the case have been declared secret.


Earlier on Friday the Oulu district court imprisoned a man from Frankfurt, Germany, on Thursday, suspected of aggravated child sexual abuse, felony rape and assault.


He was imprisoned in court for acts that allegedly occurred on 1. June-29. October 2018


The man has previously been imprisoned in absentia, and with the imprisonment being handled once again.

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