Finland: Immigrant integration expert says “We’ve failed to successfully integrate people from Middle East and Africa, we need to do more”……..


They admit to a failure I’ve predicted and warned about, yet they still have their blinders on…


– There are challenges in the employability of certain ethnic groups. But when we talk about the integration of those coming from countries in the Middle East or in Africa, only 0.5% of them have committed crimes. The integration programme should, therefore, be assessed primarily on the basis of how the remaining 99.5% will integrate into society.


So in essence, the way they (the managers of integration) view the situation at hand, if you’re a Muslim or African migrant/immigrant in Finland, and you haven’t committed any crimes(that they know of or turn a blind eye to), you’re “integrated“. It never enters their minds that if you have to train/school someone how to integrate into your society and hope for the best, these are not the right candidates to allow into your society in the first place.


We have to have the courage to say that we have failed” – This is how immigrants can be integrated in Finland


Immigrant integration now is spoken about a lot. IS explained what it was about.
IMMIGRANT integration aims at learning Finnish, having employment, well-being, health, housing, and general sociality. The Integration Expertise Center monitors compliance with these principles at workplaces, schools, day care centers and hobbies.

– When a refugee receives a residence permit in Finland, he first signs up at an employment agency. There is a long-term employment plan for the refugee, because quick employment is our number one goal, ”says Sonja Hämäläinen , immigration director of a integration group.


– The difference in the jobseeker’s search process comes in that the immigrant is initially directed to integration training. It takes 240 days, and during that time, the immigrant will receive for example, teaching in Finnish as well as social and gender training.


  • From the video above, you can see how the immigrants looked at the Finnish language course in 2015.
According to Hämäläinen, during the training, the immigrant also receives guidance on vocational training and work experiments. For example, an immigrant can get advice on making a cv.

“In education, we teach the principles of equality and law in Finnish society,” Hämäläinen says.


Not everybody, according to Hämäläinen, becomes integrated.


Is there a connection with non-alienation of the increased sex offenses of foreigners?


“We talk about extremely serious crimes, and we are currently considering whether our program should be developed or updated,” Hämäläinen says.


– There are challenges to the employment of certain ethnic groups. But when it comes to integrating these coming from countries in the Middle East or Africa, only 0.5% of them have committed crimes. The integration program must therefore be assessed primarily on the basis of the integration of the remaining 99.5% into society.


ON Friday, the PARLIAMENTARY Audit Committee will report to Minister of Labor Jari Lindström(sin) the report that you have just completed stating that there are serious shortcomings in the integration program. The Minister agrees with that view.


– I’ve heard of some of the integration process lasted 5-7 years, and even longer. You have to dare to say aloud that we have failed in integration, says Lindström in an interview with IS.


– The integration program was not prepared for a major refugee wave in 2015. Since then, the whole program has been completely updated, and now we understand what we should do and what not. However, integration takes years and is not done by the ministry. The theory must now be transferred to the field.

It has been shown that people in the integration phase from certain ethnic backgrounds are exceptionally poorly employed. According to Lindström, this applies especially to Iraqis, Afghans and Somalis.

– Integration is that the immigrant employs and adapts to society’s different values and laws. Something is terribly wrong with certain ethnic groups, as, for example, those with Asian backgrounds are even better employed than the ethnic Finns, says Lindström.


– Teaching the language is the first thing in integration. However, it is exactly what we offer to immigrants if they are not prepared to take help themselves. The integration must definitely be two-way.

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