Finland: Police hunt Middle Eastern looking alleged rapist taxi driver in Turku…….


Jussi Halla-aho: “What kind of people (politically) allow for this to happen to them”…


The police need observations about the taxi – suspects that customer has been the victim of a sexual crime in Turku



The Southwest Finnish police received an call at four o’clock on Sunday morning that a taxi customer had been victimized by a sexual offense in Turku.


According to a police report, a taxi driver with a foreign background had penetrated the client’s apartment after the ride, and the suspected crime had occurred in the apartment.


In relation to the case, the police are looking for information of a dark taxi car and a dark and slender driver, possibly with the roots from the  Middle East. The driver drove between the Turku city center and Haritu district.


The police ask you to report any findings via email at


The police are not giving any more information at this stage for investigative reasons.

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