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Finland: Many immigrant women living in Finland for whom sexual violence is a part of family life…….


Finnish state broadcaster Yle gets the ‘right answers’ it wanted, and in an echo chamber-like society of Finland, that’s not hard to do…


We witness yet again, the attempt to wrap the whole of Finnish society as much to blame for domestic violence and child abuse as the Muslim migrants themselves. I saw that exact mindset on display in the city of Oulu with Katie Hopkins while she interviewed Ari Heikkinen, Administrative Director for Oulu City Hall.


He used the five finger argument, one finger for the Muslim migrant sexual crime wave, then four other fingers for Finnish society as a whole. The fallacy of the argument being, however, their (Muslim migrant) numbers being over-represented in the statistics, both within the immigrant ‘community’ as well as within Finnish society as a whole.



Safety house Manager: Many immigrant women living in Finland for whom sexual violence is a part of family life

In Finland, women are the second most closely affected by home violence in EU countries.


Monika-Women Association’s Mona Shelter is Finland’s only shelter for women and their children. It is located at a secret address. There are plenty of entrants and the safety house manager Lyudmila Kettunen welcomes the fact that the number of seats is increasing from 10 to 14.


“This brings a little relief.” We’re recruiting at the best time for employees and one of the hopes is that they speak Arabic.


Of other refuges clientele in the metropolitan area, about a third are immigrants.


In recent days, there has been a lot of talk about sex crimes committed by migrant-background men. The explanation has been sought, among other things, from ethnic, cultural differences, experiences of violence and long waiting times in reception centres.


– How fruitful is it to consider the backgrounds of perpetrators? There is nothing new here. When comparing European countries, Finland proved to be the second most violent country in Europe for women. Violence against women and sexual violence are not confined to any ethnic group and we should have a debate about the whole phenomenon. In 2017, we came to seek refuge for women from 41 different countries of origin, says Monika Tuominen, the Women’s Association’s executive director.




NOTE: I had called the Monika House many years ago over an article in which the representative of that establishment had quipped that an imam told her that the koran does not advocate violence towards women. She was shocked over the koran verses I sent her that advocate exactly that.

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