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UK: Muslim bashes soldier’s jaw in Blackburn for supposedly killing Muslims while on duty overseas…….



Ex-TA soldier has jaw broken ‘for killing Muslims’

By Peter MagillSpecial Correspondent
The corner of Barton Street and Cardwell Place, Blackburn


A JUDGE has ruled a former Territorial Army soldier, blasted for “killing Muslims”, was left with his jaw broken in three places because of his military service.

Imran Khan, 28, approached army reservist Imran Hussain in a Subway, in Blackburn, and told him: “What you are doing is wrong, killing Muslims”, Preston Crown Court heard.


After the incident there were several flashpoints between the Khan and Hussain families, the court was told.


This culminated in a confrontation in the Dahna Lounge, in the town centre, between the two men, which spilled out into the street, with Khan punching Mr Hussain in the face, breaking his jaw.


Khan, of Whalley Old Road, Blackburn, pleaded guilty to assaulting Mr Hussain in March 2017.


But Judge Simon Newell ordered a trial over the issue of whether Khan’s motivation for the attack was Mr Hussain’s army membership.


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