Finland: Former Iraqi soldier who cut off dead ISIS terrorist’s head sentenced in Finnish district court, “It’s normal back home”…….


Truly harpoons the myth of ”all cultures are equal…


Cut the head off and pose with it on a video – probational sentence for Iraqi soldier in Helsinki, explained deed as “common”


The former Iraqi army signalman admitted to the deed on the frontline but denied it was a war crime.
  • According to the Ex-soldier, cutting off the enemy ‘s head is a common way in his home country and an indication of heroism.
  • The accused said he had acted in the spirit of the moment. Terrorists had cut off the heads of his comrades.
  • The Helsinki District Court disagreed with the nature of the act.


On Thursday, the District Court of Helsinki sentenced a 41 – year-old Iraqi man to one and a half years in prison.The punishment is conditional because the man has not previously been convicted of a crime.


The war crime was committed in the city of Karma in Iraq at the beginning of March 2015.


Iraq’s army was fighting against Isis – the terrorist organization. The army was victorious. Isis fighters were killed.


Before the victory, however, Isis had taken four Iraqi army soldiers into prison.Isis executed their prisoners by cutting their heads.

The persecutor was personable


The signal corps corporal who served in the army for a long time and ended up in Finland happened to see endless bodies.


After the battle, the corporal ended up coming across the ISIS man’s body.He cut off the head of the man on the ground that had landed.After that, he held his head in his hand, showing a sign of victory.


Another person took a video of the event. The video ended up being on the corporal’s personal Facebook account.The corpse was recognizable from the video.


The corporal uploaded pictures and videos of themselves as a trophy piece of Isis on the same Facebook account- the combatant’s corpse.



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