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Finns Party notices sharp rise in support in new poll, up 2.1%…….


The breakaway party from the Finns, the Blue Alternative (Sini) headed by Timo Soini is barely registering a pulse…

YLE party support measurement: A big rise for Finns Party (PS), the National Coalition Party catching up to SDP


YLE’s polling now evaluates the seats of Parliament: SDP would get 13 and the Coalition 6 additional seats, the center would lose 7.


The Finns Party are the biggest ascendant in Yle’s fresh polling results. The party’s support is at 10.2 percent, up 2.1 percentage points in December-January.


Last time PS’s support exceeded ten percent in June 2018.


According to Tuomo Turja , Director of Research at Turku , the party’s support rose right at the beginning of the measurement period in December, when reports of sexual offenses against minors in Oulu were reported.


– There’s a clear connection here. The next week immediately became a clear spike in the rise of basic Finns, Turja says.


According to Turja, the corresponding spike in the support of the basic Finns was during the afternoon of Christmas, after the assassination of the Arabianranta in Helsinki.


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