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Germany: Afd chairman in Bremen badly beaten with wooden club, political motivation assumed…….


That’s what’s wrong with the political debate these days, political points and ideas are not challenged, the Left just takes to beating their opposition, and in this case, I believe, attempted murder. The Left is totally unhinged.




Square timber attack on AfD politician

The member of parliament and state chairman of the AfD in Bremen, Frank Magnitz (66), was attacked on Monday evening in the Bremen city center by several people and seriously injured.


According to the Bremen police, the incident took place near the theater on Goetheplatz. Magnitz was on his way home from the “Weser-Kurier” New Year’s reception, when three hoodlums hit him with a squared timber and then kicked him on the ground. A construction worker had intervened according to police and was able to ward off the attack. Magnitz came to the hospital with serious injuries.


The police state protection and the public prosecutor’s office Bremen have taken up investigations and look for witnesses.



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