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Finland’s parliamentary speaker: “Finland should strip residence permits from criminals”…….


This is the least one could expect from a government official…


“Finland should strip residence permits from criminals,” says parliamentary speaker


Finland’s parliamentary speaker, Paula Risikko, wants to make it easier for Finland to cancel residence permits held by convicted criminals.


Speaker of Parliament Paula Risikko told Yle’s Ykkösaamu programme on Saturday that Finland should update laws to make it easier to deport permanent resident holders convicted of crimes.


Risikko said that while Finland will continue to offer protection to those in need, ”the country’s system can also be abused,” according to Risikko, echoing a similar message delivered by president Sauli Niinistö in his New Year’s address earlier this week.


”We must have the possibility to nullify residence permits, including permanent ones,” she explained.


Laws governing residence permits should include consideration for ’national threats,’ Risikko told the breakfast programme.


”If a person is deemed a national threat, it should be possible to cancel their residence permit.”


Once granted, it is very difficult for the state to rescind residence permits.


”I know this is a very sensitive subject, but the cases in Oulu are extremely shocking,” she said, referring to recent sex abuse cases involving minors and asylum seekers.


”[Sex crimes] are punishable offences and perpetrators will, if necessary, be sent back to their countries of origin. In Finland we play by our laws,” she stated.


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