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Finland: Facebook accounts of Finns Party members and candidates being frozen prior to national elections…….


No, this has nothing to do with Russian hackers or Bulgarian trolling farms, this is happening due to Finnish Leftists controlling the levers of social media power…


They are the biggest threat to Finnish self-government and rule of law. They are of the totalitarian mindset and they couldn’t give a crap about whether they are called out for it or not, they’re on a mission to subvert and rule. They’re power hungry.


Finns Party candidates removed from Facebook




In addition to Twitter, Facebook has been an active contributor to the election.


According to Finnish political advisor Riikka Purra, since Independence Day festivities, members of the party and candidates have been ‘ banned’ on Facebook, i.e. the access to accounts have been frozen for a variable period.


“We have a very different approach to how our campaign will influence: mainly it’s Facebook,” Purra says.


According to her, dozens of accounts have been closed.


– It’s been happening like this for a while, but it has definitely been accelerated and is directed at parliamentary election candidates.


The Finns  Party have admitted that they are using hard language in their political dealings, but, according to Purra, but these cases are linked by the fact that there has been no justification for freezing. Such as hate speech, racism or other breaches of the service user rules.


“The reasons are quite absurd, it is not a hate speech. For example, distributing messages from the Chairman (Jussi Halla-aho)  and be banned for it, Purra wonders.



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