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Islamic supremacism: Grand Mufti of J’Lem says “whoever is disturbed by call to prayer can leave, they’re foreigners”…….


What to expect in a town near you if a beachhead is ever built…



Islam is never here to co-exist but to subvert and eventually supplant the existing culture.


Grand mufti: If muezzin disturbs you, leave


Sheikh Muhammad Hussein, the grand mufti of Jerusalem and “Palestine,” says call to prayer “will not be silenced.”


Sheikh Muhammad Hussein, the grand mufti of Jerusalem and “Palestine,” blasted plans to lower the volume of the muezzins’ calls to prayer emanating from the Arab neighborhoods in eastern Jerusalem.


Hussein proclaimed that the Palestinian people oppose any attempt by the “Occupation authorities” to silence the muezzin “in Al Quds and the entire Palestinian homeland.”


Whoever feels disturbed by the call to prayer “in the land that Muhammad arrived at and from which he rose to heaven, must leave it, since he is a foreigner in it, and because his ears are not used to hearing the truth,” announced the mufti.


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