Rape Sweden

Swedish State broadcaster SVT slammed for not publishing which party (SDP) female child abuser belonged to…….


The Leftist, agenda driven media are the worst of the worst…


Swedish MSM Called Out for Not Identifying Child Abuser as Left-Wing Politician




Swedish broadcaster Sveriges Radio has been slammed by a Moderate Party MP for refusing to identify a Social Democrat politician who was convicted for having sex with an underage migrant at a youth accommodation.


Moderate Party firebrand MP Hanif Bali criticised the broadcaster on Twitter for failing to mention the party affiliation of a female municipal politician in Western Sweden who was recently convicted of having sexual relations with a 16-year-old male migrant.


Calling the article “unprecedented,” Mr Bali asked why the broadcaster had refused to state which party the 45-year-old had belonged to despite it being mentioned in the SVT article used as a source for their reporting.


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