Finnish police suspend investigation of gang-rape case in Hyvinkää…….


Yeah, the Finnish police need to spend more money and man hours on searching social media for potential ”hate crime” incidents…


The police suspend investigation of mass gang-rape case



HYVINKÄÄ | The police in eastern Uusimaa have suspended the investigation of mass rape in Hyvinkää.


– I cannot go into the details of the comment, but the pre-trial is not being extended, says Detective Inspector Markku Lylykangas.


– Work has been done during the whole of summer and autumn, but it is now at the point that the pre-trial has not resumed. The investigation will continue as soon as new and relevant information emerges.


Rape occurred on 27.7. 2018 in the woods at Riihimäenkatu 20.


According to the victim, the perpetrators were three men of foreign background.


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