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Gates of Vienna: ”The DDR-ization of a Germany once considered a beacon of freedom in Central Europe…….”


Socialism was never targeted nor defeated during and after the Cold War, Communism was (for fear of alienating Western allies), now it  (Communism) has engulfed entire countries in all but name only.


Germany had (fortunately) de-Nazification programs after WWII, but no de-Communization programs after the wall fell. As GOV describes, the Communists simply folded themselves into the political ecology and succeeded into making their ideology the prevailing view today. Also, there’s a reason as to why Turks and other Muslims hailing from the 3rd world are so eagerly invited in (to help water-down the society), the German ruling elite truly believes, and in spite of all the empirical evidence to the contrary, that they can be controlled.


The Party is Always Right


The DDR, more commonly known as East Germany, did not die in the fall of 1989. The Communist nomenklatura were simply absorbed into the political ecology of the German Federal Republic, and their ideological heritage eventually became dominant throughout Germany.


At least that’s the way it seems. The following video is emblematic of the DDR-ization of a country that was once considered a beacon of freedom in Central Europe.


Translated from the notes accompanying the video:

Migration-critical interview triggers meltdown at MDR [Central German Broadcasting]
Moderator Katrin Huß Tells About Her Experience With Censorship
Katrin Huß, who has been a moderator at WDR [West German Broadcasting] since 1995, conducted an interview in January 2016 with the psychoanalyst Hans-Joachim Maaz, who critically commented on the uncontrolled influx of “refugees”. The video above contains a brief excerpt from the interview, and then Katrin Huss telling what was going on behind the scenes at the MDR. During an interview at NouViso Talk she described how she felt as if she had return to the DDR and the lyrics of “The Party Song” came to her mind.


Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

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