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Morocco: Mother of suspected jihad terrorist who beheaded two Nordic woman says son ”was always good, attended mosque”…….


It’s the second part that should be the ‘bell ringer’…


The mother of a suspect in Scandinavian murder to Danish Journal BT: “My son has always treated other people very well”

The women who had been on a hiking trip were murdered in Morocco just under two weeks ago.

Several men have been arrested for the deaths of women murdered in December in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco, Louisa Vesterager Jespersen, 24, of Denmark and Maren Ueland 28, of Norway.


The mother of the 24-year-old main suspect has now given an interview to Danish Journal BT : The magazine has received official confirmation that she is the mother of the man suspected of murder.


The boy’s horrific deed is a very difficult thing for the mother to understand. The mother thinks the boy has always been a very friendly and helpful person.


– My son has always treated other people very well. He has never criticized the actions of other people.


The man has worked as a carpenter and a plumber and helped his family and neighborhood.




According to her mother, there was no sign of any predisposition to extreme behavior.


– My son has taken care of himself and his family members. He has been to the mosque and has been a good Muslim.


The suspect lived with his large family in the same house Harbilissa, less than a half hour drive from Marrakech. In addition to the suspect’s parents and brother, the house was home to his own wife and four-year-old daughter.


The wife is currently waiting for the couple’s second child.



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