Giulio Meotti: We are living in a nightmare, but we have yet to wake up…….


If I were an Islamist this is what I would think of Westerners


We are living in a nightmare, but we have yet to wake up.

Giulio Meotti, 28/12/18 08:24 | updated: 12:18


Last night I had a dream. I was an Islamic extremist saying to himself:


“Strange these Westerners. We crashed our planes into their skyscrapers in New York; we slaughtered them in theaters and restaurants in Paris, in the trains of Madrid, in the buses and in the London metro, in the streets of Nice and Stockholm and Berlin and Barcelona, ​​at Brussels airport, in the Jewish centers of Toulouse and Rome, in the Mumbai’s hotels, on the beaches of Sousse and Sharm.

“We killed their cartoonists and forced them not to draw and write anything; we have put their Jews to flight; we brought their writers to court; we forced their journalists to live under police escort; we have turned their Christmas markets into military bunkers; we raped their women in Cologne; we have expelled their Christian brothers from their lands of origin.

“We changed the character of some of their beautiful cities making them look like our casbah and filling them with foreign money and mosques and veils and child brides and genital mutilations and honor crimes; we just beheaded two of their young women in Morocco.

“We have been hunting them for twenty years, attacking them for what they are, the sons of the Judeo-Christian-Enlightened civilization. We have killed many of their children. We have forced them to take off their shoes before boarding a plane.

“But these Westerners have not yet understood and continue to say that it is only their own fault, oil, racism, wars, unemployment, the Crusades, certain bad journalists, Israel, that we do not really know Islam, we have only to be visited by a psychologist and everything will be fine, because we all want the same things and, anyway, we will never have their hate”.

Then I woke up. It was not a dream. It was all terribly true.


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