Finland Muslim Criminality MUSLIM SETTLERS

Finland: Suspected child murderer Zulfigar Ali Sohrab had a long criminal history…….


Yeah, just the type of model immigrant you would want to take up residence with or have nearby…


Also, according to MV Lehti: the Deputy Mayor of Helsinki, Nasima Razmyar, was Facebook friends with the suspected murderer.



Helsinki child murder suspect remanded into pre-trial custody


The suspect was named as the victim’s uncle and police cited the “particularly brutal and cruel nature of the act” during the remand hearing.


Arabia asukkaat / muistohetki / Arabia / Helsinki 25.12.2018
Residents lit candles in memory of the dead child. Image: Jouni Immonen / Yle


The Helsinki District Court on Friday remanded a 36-year-old man into custody on suspicion of killing a young boy on Christmas Eve night.


The remand hearing took place in camera – behind closed doors – at the request of investigators.


“The basis for the murder charge is the especially brutal and cruel manner of the act and that the victim was a defenceless child,” lead investigator Kirsi Kanth of the Helsinki police department said in a statement on Thursday.


The victim in the case was a pre-school-aged boy and the suspected crime took place in a private residence in Helsinki’s Arabianranta district on Monday night. The suspect had been detained at the scene of the crime.


According to information released by police on Friday, the victim was a seven-year-old boy and the suspect was his uncle. The man had been visiting the victim and his family when the incident occurred.


Two other adults in the family and another minor were also present at the home when the event began to unfold, police said. However no one else had been threatened with violence.


Police said in a statement on Friday that the incident began unexpectedly. At one point the suspect was interrupted and [others] sought assistance for the victim, but the suspect managed to get hold of the victim and locked him in the apartment.


“The situation progressed so quickly that it was not possible to intervene. The suspect has been questioned once during the preliminary investigation and he spoke of hallucinations that triggered his actions. A knife was used in the attack, and the intent to kill was obvious,” Kanth said in a statement following the hearing.


Police are still interviewing the child’s relatives and officials have provided crisis counselling for them.


“The victim’s relatives are very distraught. We are requesting that the media be considerate when approaching them,” Kanth added.


Suspect had a history of convictions


The man did not live at the address where the crime was committed, but was registered as living at an address in Espoo, according to checks with the population register.


Additional enquiries with the local registry office indicated no records that the suspect had any children.


However court records indicated that he had a criminal background. The Helsinki district court had convicted him for four cases of assault, resisting an officer of the peace, petty larceny, drunk driving and driving without a permit.


His first conviction dated back to 2001 when as a 19 year-old, he was slapped with a day fine for concealment, when he accepted a stolen mobile phone. Another property offence was from 2006, when he shoplifted an MP3 player from a department store.


In 2003 he was found guilty on two counts of assault in Helsinki and he was also convicted on the same charge in 2005 and 2007, when he received a suspended prison sentence. The Espoo district court also convicted the man for aggravated drunk driving in 2015.



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