Islam in the Netherlands MUSLIM SETTLERS

Netherlands’ Weertburg Mayor once said “We have no radical Muslims, now saying “I am suing public prosecutor for not prosecuting criminal (Muslim) asylum seekers”…….



‘Weert has no radical Muslims’

“In Weert there are no radical Muslims or jihadists, and we want to keep it that way together with the mosque.”
This is what mayor Jos Heijmans said on Thursday during the visit of the Moroccan ambassador to the Netherlands, Abelouahab Bellouki, and the consul-general of Morocco, Mohamed Bentaja.
Part of this was an introduction to the Moroccan mosque in Weert.



Weert mayor to sue public prosecutor over ‘criminal asylum seekers’

 Published on June 30, 2017

Weert mayor Jos Heijman says he does not accept the department’s decision not to prosecute the six because of a lack of evidence.

The six men, who come from Morocco and Tunisia and have no chance of winning refugee status, were among a group of 26 young men who had been causing trouble in the town and had been confined to the refugee centre over the New Year period.



Mayor Of Weert Takes Public Prosecutor To Court

Mayor Heijmans from the town of Weert wants to force the Public Prosecution to bring a court case against six asylum seekers who have burgled shops and committed general burglaries.  For that, he will go directly to the court as the Prosecution has decided not to prosecute.

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