Finland Muslim Criminality MUSLIM SETTLERS

Finland: Brutal murder of school age boy, suspect Sohrab, Zulfigar Ali has criminal record…….


According to Oulu city councilman, Junes Lokka, the perp is Sohrab, Zulfigar Ali, a Muslim immigrant, who has a criminal background.


Police depict murder of school-age boy as especially brutal, the motive and method still a mystery – This is all known to be the case now


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One has been arrested on suspicion of murdering a young boy. The police will tell more about the incident on Friday.

The police are investigating a homicide attack on a child under school age on Christmas Eve in the Arabianranta, Helsinki. The act took place in a private residence in Brussels on a late Christmas Eve evening.


The crime is currently being investigated as murder because of a particularly brutal and cruel way of doing things. In addition, the police justify it being depicted as murder by the fact that the victim was a defenseless child.


The police have arrested a man born in 1982 as a suspect. He was taken from the scene.


According to information obtained by the Ilta Lehti, it suggests that the murder suspect is not the father of the child. He also lives at a different address than the slain son’s family. There was no publicity about the relationship between the suspect and the victim.


The suspect is described as the most likely to be imprisoned on suspicion of murder. The detention trial will take place on Friday at 14 Helsinki District Court.


The police have not informed of the motives, circumstances or methods of the crime. This will be announced on Friday following the detention.


The suspect has a previous criminal background. He has, among other things, been convicted of several assaults.



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