Muslim persecution of Christians UK

UK: Christian man ‘beaten and threatened by Muslims in Pakistan faces imminent deportation…….


Here’s a very sympathetic case in which the UK government takes an entirely irrational stance against a real victim of governmental persecution…


The reason why I say governmental persecution is because of the Pakistani state’s refusal to protect the weakest portion of its society, the religious minority Christian community. The Muslim street is emboldened due to governmental inaction/lack of interest in affording equal protection and rights. It’s (the government) entirely complicit in the persecution of Pakistani Christians. The UK government is complicit as well of further persecution of these victims by not standing up for them in their own country. Scandalous behavior!


Christian man ‘beaten and threatened by Islamic extremists’ in Pakistan faces imminent deportation from UK


‘It’s shameful – we are a Christian country yet we can’t help them’


A Christian man who was allegedly beaten and repeatedly threatened with execution by Islamic extremists in Pakistan is facing imminent deportation from the UK.


A church community in Birmingham has been left shocked after Asher Samson, 41, was detained while attending a weekly signing event with the Home Office in Solihull on 26 November.


Mr Samson told The Independent he was “terrified” at the prospect of being sent back to his home city of Abbottabad in Pakistan.


The 31-year-old first arrived in the UK in 2004 to carry out his theology training in order to become a pastor, but later applied for asylum after receiving threats from Islamic extremists during visits home, he said.


His asylum claim was rejected earlier this year and Mr Samson is now being held in Morton Hall Detention Centre in Lincoln where he has been told he will be deported.


Mr Samson said he has “no one and nowhere to go” in Pakistan, adding: “If they do send me back my life will be really in danger. I’m so scared.


“People know who I am, they know I am a Christian and they have seen me on social media.


“They told me they had booked me a flight and I refused to go. They said next time they will take me by force.”


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