Sweden: Youth gang convicted for three murders, leader blamed ”voices in his head”…….


The voices always beginning with ”Allahu-akbar” I would wager…


Youth gang murdered a man and later his wife in Sweden – the leader blamed voices in his head


 (adapted )
Five men have been convicted of three murders that occurred in Stockholm in early 2017.

In Sweden, judgments were made on Tuesday for four men and one son for murder in January and March of last year in Hallonberg, Stockholm .


As a major contributor, the Solna District Court sentenced 22 – year-old Fouad Saleh, who received life-long guilt for all three murders. The other four convicted were between 17 – 21 – years of age.


The event chain started when Saleh and his friends tried to kill a young man in the garage . The victim of the shooting wounds first managed to escape from the place by car and went to the hospital .



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