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UK: Extremist-linked Muslim group (devout followers of Mohamed) exert influence on gov’t ‘islamofauxbia’ report…….


As I have mentioned time and again, the almost exclusive focus on neo-nazis comes at the expense of where the real focus should be. On Islam itself…


Neo-Nazis are fortunately a very very marginalized group. The purveyors of Islamic hegemony, however, are embedded throughout our various societies, they (Islam 101’ers) are the risk towards society, they have political power, neo-nazi knuckledraggers do not. Therein lies the big difference. It would be the same as if David Duke was asked by US government officials to advise them on the fascist white-supremacy movement, how to engage its members for better dialogue.


Extremist-linked Muslim Group ‘Exerted Decisive Influence’ on Govt ‘Islamophobia’ Report


Controversial Muslim lobby group MEND, which has been accused of promoting extremism, has “exerted decisive intellectual influence” in Britain’s first Islamophobia report, according to a think tank research note.


Sir John Jenkins, the former British Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, made the conclusions in a research paper for Policy Exchange after analysing the All-Party Parliamentary Group’s (APPG) report Islamophobia Defined: The Inquiry into a Working Definition of Islamophobia, which calls for the Government to establish a working definition of Islamophobia as “rooted in racism” and “a type of racism that targets expressions of Muslimness or perceived Muslimness.”


Sir John found that “despite being mentioned only once in the main body of the report… It is clear that MEND [Muslim Engagement and Development], an organisation with a tarnished reputation in Government circles, has exerted an important intellectual influence on the APPG.”


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